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I currently run projects at the following locations:

EISCAT (Norway), with VHF radar (224 MHz, 120x40m) and UHF radar (930 MHz, 32m)


PFISR (450 MHz) and HAARP (3-10 MHz) in Alaska


Sura (4.5-9.3 MHz) in Russia


Soon a new project will start at Arecibo (Puerto Rico, USA), the largest radar in the world (430 MHz, 305m)



Some recent scientific projects include:


Dusty plasma research using Polar Mesopheric Summer Echoes (PMSE) over EISCAT

(top panel VHF radar, bottom panel HF radar)


Artificially-induced ionospheric topside and bottomside plasma turbulence at EISCAT


Artificially-induced artificial ion outflow at EISCAT


Thermospheric E-region neutral winds affected by auroral arc (Mawson, Antarctica)


Conjugate thermospheric F-region neutral winds


Energy maps of precipitating particles using auroral optical and absorption data

Corrected All-sky Mirror System (CAMS) design


DELTA2 rocket chemical release (Andoya Rocket Range, Norway 2009) speeded up ~100X (2.8MB) 


An example of the black aurora (3.5MB)

Another example of the black aurora (5.8MB)

Yet more black aurora (5.8MB)

Even more black auroras (1.6MB)!

Red-line (630 nm) artificial aurora from EISCAT (2MB, speeded up)

Green-line (557.7) artificial aurora from EISCAT (4MB, speeded up)

Real-colour artificial aurora from HAARP (4MB, speeded up). Stars appear yellow, natural aurora appaears green, artificial auroral appears red, and the bright horizon is due to twilight.

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