I am involved in science education programs for teachers and pupils at the National Science Learning Centre in York.

A stratospheric balloon launch from William Howard school in Cumbria, England on 28 June 2013. The balloon was launched by Ben, Jake and Sam and reached 31,685m altitude carrying a payload of instruments (gamma rays, UV flux, temperature, pressure and a camera).

Click here to view a 2.5-minute video of the launch, the edge of space and landing.


The spud gun accelerates potatoes with 6G up to ~150 km/hr with a range of ~150m. It also fires frozen peas like a shotgun.

Students learn about ballistics and gravity (sometimes).


Student competition (carrot canon championship) using the vacuum-powered carrot cannon, with veggie velocity ~50 km/hr and range ~50m (world record is 59m).

Students learn about rocket launch dynamics using a real scale model with solid fuel motor.

I was interviewed about auroral research by the BBC4 “Sky at Night” TV program at EISCAT (206MB). The “Merry Dancers” was broadcast in February 2009.

I  wrote for the BBC Lonely Planet magazine an article entitled “A northern spectacular in 2012?”

I was interviewed about the effects of solar storms on the Earth’s atmosphere by the BBC2 TV Horizon program at EISCAT.

The “Solar storms: The threat to planet Earth” was broadcast in April 2012.

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