Below are a few of my favourite activities:

Steepest road in the world: Baldwin Str. in Dunedin, New Zealand.
(Somebody had to stop the tree from falling over)


Big mid-life crisis: Solved!

049 053

With best friend on private farm. Never mind the head scratcher or parrot.
On top to the London dome (O2 arena).


On the east-west meridian (with parents in opposite hemispheres)
Achieving my personal best: 3 trees in 3 minutes!


Visiting the orangutans (here the rehabilitation centre in Borneo, Indonesia)

Orangutans at play (111MB)

Snorkelling (here on the Great Barrier Reef)

Skiing (here in Banff, Canada & Lake Tahoe, California)

Going off-road in my Landrover and camping (mostly in South Africa)

Proof that the Series 3 Landrover can indeed cruise at 60 mph (no tail wind or downhill)

Flying model aircraft

Karting and quad biking (big fun)

Single seater racing and military off-road (also big fun)

Ice skating and snowmobiling (here on Svalbard near the north pole)

Flying gliders and hot air balloons, not to mention micro-lights and parachuting

I love the cold, which is good for ice sculptures (here in Alaska)

Riding fast trains (here the magnetic levitation train in Shanghai)

Travel (here the Taj Mahal & Great Wall)

Travel (here the north pole and Alaskan oil pipeline)

Visiting deserts (here below sea level in Death Valley, California)

Barbecues (yummy) and whacky transport (East German Trabant at ex-inner German border)

River rafting



Hovercraft racing (6.3MB, big fun)

Husky dog sledding (4.7MB, surreal & beautiful)


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